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  1. Nature Orientation Course (NOC)
  2. The highlight of the club's activities is the series of Nature Orientation Courses (NOC) held at Danum Valley Conservation Area (DVCA), INFAPRO, Taliwas River Conservation Area (TRCA) and Silam Coast Conservation Area (SCCA) in Lahad Datu, Maliau Basin Conservation Area and INIKEA in Tawau and Imbak Canyon Conservation Area (ICCA), Sandakan during school holidays. To date, more than 900 students and teachers from various schools throughout the state were involved in the NOC.

    Maximum of 30 students including 4 teachers for each course. Only 2 or 3 students from each school are allowed to participate in each course. Schools are chosen on a totational basis. Exciting programmes are laid out to orientate the participants to enrich their knowledge and to instill the feeling of appreciation of nature and also to promote cooperation and leadership among themselves.

    The NOC include forest interpretation and brainstorming debates. This forest interpretation games help participants to understand the importance of forest ecology, wildlife and the natural environment.

    Other activities include early morning bird watching, interesting provocative workshops, discussion and debates, talks by scientists and SNC staff, slides and video shows, night walks, Blinds man's rope, fun'filled orienteering and guided walk involving the study of forest ecology and other habitats.

    Slide talks on nature, conservation and the environment are also held at the Yayasan Sabah Multivision Room for club members around Kota Kinabalu area. SNC also provides information, advice and regular services to School by presenting talks and slides/video shows and camping, outing, expeditions and other outdoor activities.

    SNC also publishes magazines, badges, posters, stickers and various souvenirs. Available for club members and public at SNC office.

    Nature Orientation Course
    Registration and ice breaking Bird watching
    Tropical Rainforest Experience at Nature trails Group presentation after each activities
    Team Building activities Obstacle rope activities
    Bird watching presentation Mapping and Orienteering activity
    Blind man's trail” One of outdoor activities to enhance the sixth senses
    Other group activities
    Group activities − Designing logo

    Nature Orientation Course at Taliwas River Conservation Area
    Orienteering Orienteering
    EE game Birding presentation
    Taliwas River Conservation Area Waterfall
    Waste management such as composting Learning about River ecology
    Simulation of environmental issues Bird watching
    Closing ceremony of the Nature Orientation Course with live presentation, sketch, singing and etc

  3. Public Talks Programme At Schools
  4. SNC visit selected schools to give talks on SNC activities, waste management (3R) and the conservation areas. Exhibitions on SNC, conservation areas activities and quiz are also initiated.

    This programme provide opportunity for SNC to discuss with teachers and students about issues, problems, suggestions, ideas on environment and conservation issues and also to meet members of the club. Student are also encourage to register as new members or renew their memberships.

    SMK Nabawan II, Nabawan SMK Tulid, Sook Keningau
    SMK Keningau II, Keningau SMK Jambatan Putih, Tawau
    SMK Entabuan, Tenom SMK Nambayan, Tambunan

  5. Environmental Awareness Talks On Wildlife Conservation
  6. The purpose of public talks is to inculcate the importance of protecting our wildlife especially in our protected areas as well as to tackle encroaching and poaching activities

    With more awareness talks to schools, it is hoped that the problems of encroaching and poaching in protected areas can slowly be reduced and hopefully eradicated in the future.

    The area covered are surrounding the protected areas of Danum Valley, Maliau Basin and Imbak Canyon Conservation Area.

    The Outcome:

    The students will have a better knowledge on which type of animals that are protected and highly protected and also the penalties faced by poachers under the Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997.

    The students will be aware on their role to educate people around them and to inform any encroaching and poaching activities in the protected areas to the relevant authorities around them.

    Talks on wildlife conservation by Encik Gordian and Encik Khairul
    Student answering quiz questions at SMK Sook, Keningau
    Demonstration on enzyme making by Encik Andreas
    Sharing information with teachers & presentation of memento by the school at SMK Sook, Keningau

  7. Environmental Awareness Programmes
  8. SNC initiate this program with the realisation that our pristine natural environment will not last forever unless everyone cooperates to protect and preserve it.

    With that in mind, the Environmental Awareness Programmes is held in collaboration with District Education Office, Jab. Penerangan, District Office and District Council. This program not only promote awareness on cleanliness but also promote Yayasan Sabah Group efforts in preserving and protecting the conservation areas.

    Officiated by Assistant District Officer Kudat & Beluran
    School representatives
    Student taking part in the activities
    Assistant District Officer of Kudat visit the exhibition booth
    Students answering quiz questions about SNC activities and Yayasan Sabah Conservation Area
    Gotong-royong to clean Pekan Beluaran

  9. Sustainable Development Camp For Community Leaders (Talks)
  10. Community leaders from the six offices zones of Yayasan Sabah are invited to attend the camp. Topics for the talks were selected based on sustainable use of natural resources which can generate additional income to the family / community as well as creating awareness on protecting and conserving our natural environment.


    • To enhance awareness and understanding among the community leaders about sustainable development within the village/district;
    • To expose the community leaders of potential activities in their areas that can be commercialized;
    • To provide the community leaders the opportunity to know and understand activities carried out by Yayasan Sabah Group in managing its conservation areas;
    • The importance of natural environment to be utilized in a sustainable manner;


    Five (5) specialized speakers in their fields were invited to give talks for the camp from Wildlife Department, Fishery Department, Homestay, EAC and Entrepreneurship.

    Tagal System by Encik Godfrey Kissey, Sabah Fishery Department

    Wildlife Sustainable Management by Encik Sumbin Gadas,Sabah Widlife Department

    Homestay by Pn. Joanna Kitingan, Sabah Museum

    Entrepreneurship by EncikTerence Dolinting, Homestay & Natai Adventure Village

    Waste Management by Pn. Helen Erut, Environmental Action Committee

    12th Sustainable Development Camp for Community Leaders conducted on 20-23 October 2015 at Maliau Basin Conservation Area. 25 community leaders participate this camp, they are from different district such as Ranau, Kota Marudu, Sipitang, Beaufort, Keningau and Sandakan.

  11. Sustainable Development Camp For Community Leaders (Showcase)
  12. It is a series of site visit to places being identified to carry out sustainable projects or programmes by utilising the available natural resources around their areas.


    • To provide on site learning opportunities to the local leaders to visit places where successful projects / programmes done by utilising the natural resources (forest / river / waterfall / cave / historical places) and cultural and custom (food / drink / dance / belief / musical / attire) can generate income for the family or community.
    • To enhance awareness among the local leaders of their responsibilities to conserve and to protect the natural environment through sustainable development in their respective villages.

      Miso Walai Homestay, Batu Putih, Kinabatangan

    Homestay / Wildlife river cruise / cultural activities (dance performance and silat presentation) / Talks and sharing sessions.

    Wildlife river cruise

    En. Jimsai briefing the guests

      Miso Walai Homestay, Batu Putih, Kinabatangan

    Group photo with traditional costume

    Homestay house

    Cultural night dance and silat presentation

    Group photo

      Agop Batu Tulug, Kinabatangan

    Historical site − caves and graveyards


      Kg. Luanti Baru, Ranau

    Tagal System / Fish spa / Homestay − Rumah panjang style / Talks and Sharings


      Fish Spa


      Kg. Singgaron, Ranau

    Program Desa Cemerlang & Berinovasi Yayasan Sabah / Tagal / Activities / Talks & Sharing

      Kg. Marakau, Ranau

    Projects: KRT activities, Compost making, Cake and light food processing and Tagal, Talks by Fisheries Department

    Encik Razipin Gutuk, PJKKK

    Processing compost

    Interview by RTM

    Processing compost

    Interview by RTM

      Homestay Programme visit at Walai Tokou, Kg. Sinisian, Kundasang

      Walai Tokou, Kg. Sinisian, Kundasang

    Encik Kohadie Watiman,Manager of Walai Tokou Homestay brefing the guests

    Exchange of momento

    Cultural night

      Adventure and Cultural Village, Telipok

    Camp site / Cultural / trekking trails and waterfall / Talks and sharing

      Adventure and Cultural Village, Telipok

      Kg. Timpangoh, Babagon

    • Visit pineapple and light food processing / Pineapple farm / Talks
    • Briefing by Encik Moinis, Farm Manager

      Kg. Timpangoh, Babagon

      MONSOPIAD Cultural Village Penampang

    Site tours / Demo / Cultural show / Souvenir shop / Talks


      Some of the displays at Monsopiad Cultural Village, Penampang

    “House of skulls”

    "Weapons used in battles"

    Skull and thigh bone of warriors killed by Monsopiad

    Human skulls of enemies

      Closing Ceremony Dinner of Sustainable Development Camp for Community Leaders

    • from Tongod District
    • at Hostel Lembaga Sukan Negeri Sabah, Kota Kinabalu
    • on 16-22 June 2013



    The Train−The−Trainers are designed to equip Imbak Canyon Conservation Area rangers with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out activities related to Environmental Education (EE) at their respective conservation area. The activities are supported by fund from Yayasan Sabah − PETRONAS Imbak Canyon Conservation Area partnership.
    There are four programmes including;

    • Designing Environmental Education Programmes and Activities
    • Guiding and Presentation Skills
    • Nature Interpretation Techniques
    • Bird Identification and Watching Techniques

    Indoor / Outdoor activities

    Guiding and Presentation Skills

    Outdoor and indoor activities

    Group presentations

    SHELL and Environmental Action Committee doing Environmental Awareness Camp in Danum Valley Field Centre.

    DBKK exhibition at Padang Merdeka (YS Zone, schools etc.)