Biotechnology & Horticulture

YSG Bioscape Sdn. Bhd., consolidated in 2017 from two subsidiaries, YSG Biotech Sdn. Bhd. and YSG Landscape Services Sdn. Bhd. YSG Bioscape Sdn. Bhd. is involved in activities concerning plants ranging from tissue culture propagation to landscape design and maintenance.

Jointly with CIRAD (a French R&D organisation), based on more than two decades of research on the use of clonal teak for forestry plantation establishment has concretised the company's reputation as a supplier of quality planting materials on a global level. Its laboratory currently has a maximum production potential of 1.5 to 2 million plants per year and the company owns one of the world's largest and richest teak germplasm.

Recognition of the company’s impactful achievements on clonal forestry of this high-value timber species is evidenced by the endorsement of international bodies such as the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and investors or buyers keen on the large-scale teak plantation establishment from countries in Africa, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific region.

To sustain its operation without being overly dependent on single business activity, YSG Bioscape has embarked on the tissue culture propagation of several varieties of orchid and other economically-important cash crops such as banana and pineapples based on market demand. The company also undertakes the propagation of species of interest for third-parties as one of its business activities.

On the platform of a landscape business, the company is involved in the supply of quality ornamental plants for sale and private homes and commercial sites and decoration of venue for official functions.

The new landscape showcase nursery located in the vicinity of the company office and the laboratory is designed to be the premise for sales of plants as well as for visitors who wish to enjoy leisurely walks in this half a hectare of nicely laid-out gardens.

It is also available for rental for social and recreational events and open to the public during office hours on weekdays.

The latest addition to the company's business activity is the Aquascape Center, previously known as Green Connection. Next to the showcase nursery, the centre is an aquarium cum edu-botanical garden showcasing a variety of tropical freshwater fish surrounded by themed gardens.

Aquascape Center
On 1 October 2019, Aquascape Center was opened for business whereby local and foreign visitors can tour the center.

The main attraction for Aquascape Center is the Arapaima fish, one of the largest species of tropical freshwater fish that is rarely seen and includes other freshwater fish species such as the Black Pacu, Catfish, Giant Gourami, and River Carp.

The Aquascape Center also offers a beautiful, attractive and unique landscape for visitor’s viewing pleasure. Apart from that, there are also tame and adorable animals such as the river terrapin and furry rabbits.

Aquascape Center is also open for event space rental purposes for events and parties such as birthday celebrations and wedding ceremonies. It provides group packages that include guided tours, lunch and fish feeding show.



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