Press Release

Press Release for 2018

Title Date  
Yayasan Sabah Group play active role in State's development 11 March 2018
Yayasan Sabah Group gear up for YSBR Tawau 10 March 2018
Yayasan Sabah Group continues to promote local economic development at YSBR Roadshow 9 March 2018
Yayasan Sabah Group Plays Active Role in State's Development 3 March 2018
Yayasan Sabah Group Gear Up For YSBR Kudat 2 March 2018
YSBR Roadshow Expands Initiative For The People 1 March 2018
SICC Site Visit by Government Officials 1 March 2018
Yayasan Sabah Group Strengthen efforts in Empowering the People 24 February 2018
Yayasan Sabah Group prepares for YSBR Beaufort 23 February 2018
Yayasan Sabah Bersama Rakyat (YSBR) Roadshow in Sandakan 10 February 2018
Yayasan Sabah Group Roadshow Showcase Entrepreneurship and Career Opportunities 9 February 2018
Galleria Artisan Accredited Fair Trade Tourism Select Outlet 6 February 2018
Kumpulan Yayasan Sabah dan NGO gabung tenaga dalam Misi Bantuan Amal: Datuk Sapawi 4 February 2018
Weekend Getaway Trip to Imbak Canyon 2 February 2018
Observation of Supermoon at Menara Tun Mustapha 1 February 2018
Strengthening Implementation of Programmes for the benefit of society in Sabah: Datuk Hajah Rosmawati 31 January 2018
Chief Minister visits SICC construction site 18 January 2018
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