Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1
I am interested in travelling to Yayasan Sabah Group's Conservation Area; Danum Valley, Maliau Basin, Imbak Canyon, Silam Coast, and Taliwas River, whom shall I contact?
Please contact the Conservation & Environmental Management Division, Yayasan Sabah Group at +(60) 88 326320 (Office) and speak to Ms. Dinisiah/Ms. Rosnita or drop an email to You may also contact our wholly-owned subsidiary company, Borneo Refugia Sdn. Bhd and speak to Ms. Ann Otigil at +(60) 88 326317 (Office) or drop an email to
Question 2
I am interested to go to Borneo Rainforest Lodge, whom shall I contact?
You may contact our wholly-owned subsidiary company, Borneo Nature Tours Sdn. Bhd. at +(60) 88 267637 (K.K. Office) or alternately, please visit their website at
Question 3
How do I go about making a reservation for Pandan-Pandan Island Escapade, Le Cruise De Kota Belud, Kadamaian White Water Rafting, Usukan Cove, Tamau Jetty Boat Cruise, and Boat Cruise & Fireflies tour and vacation packages?
You may contact our wholly-owned subsidiary company, Inno Travel & Tours Services Sdn. Bhd. at +(60) 88 212828 or +(60) 16 8306023. Alternatively, please visit their website at for inquiries and reservations.
Question 4
Can anyone other than researchers stay at Danum Valley Field Centre?
Yes, although the Danum Valley Field Centre caters primarily for researches and participants of environmental education programmes/field courses, visitors/bonafide tourists are welcome to stay at the Field Centre.
Question 5
I am interested to register as a member of the Sabah Nature Club (SNC), how do I go about registering as a member?
Currently, SNC membership is only opened for students (and teachers) in primary to secondary schools and higher institutions throughout Sabah. To be a member, the school or institution is required to send in a completed application form to the secretariat for registration. Following several inquiries from the public interested to participate in SNC activities, the SNC secretariat has begun registering volunteers or “Friend of the Club” to this end. You may contact our Sabah Nature Club, Conservation and Environmental Management Division at +(60) 88 326690 during office hours for related details.
Question 6
We are an NGO and would like to collaborate with Yayasan Sabah Group for our social programmes, whom shall we contact?
You may submit your inquiries or proposals to our online feedback form on this website. The administrator will then forward your inquiries to the relevant division and will revert to you as soon as possible.
Question 7
I am interested in the Sabah Batik and handicraft products, where can I purchase them?
You can purchase them at the Galleria Artisan located at Menara Tun Mustapha, Gambus Retail shop at Pusat Kraftangan Sabah (PKS) in Keningau and Galleria Artisan at the Sabah State Administrative Centre (Pusat Pentadbiran Negeri Sabah, PPNS). You may also contact Galleria Artisan at +(60) 88 32600 ext. 6700 or PKS, Keningau at +(60) 87 332186 and PPNS at +(60) 88 203695/203685 for further details.
Question 8
I am interested to book the sports facilities (e.g. futsal and badminton court) at Tun Adnan Sports Complex, whom shall I contact?
You may contact our wholly-owned subsidiary company Innoprise Capital Sdn. Bhd. at Yayasan Sabah Tun Adnan Sport Complex at +(60) 88 326425 / +(60) 88 326343 (office hours) or +(60) 11 10886425 / +(60) 11 10706343 for bookings or drop an email to
Question 9
I am interested to book the Tun Ahmad Raffae Auditorium, Tun Hamdan Theatre and other facilities at Yayasan Sabah Headquarters Complex, whom shall I contact?
You may contact our Real Estate Development Unit at +(60) 88 434195 / +(60) 88 326445 (office), +(60) 19 8088824 and speak to Puan Jaidah Amit @ Rina or drop an email to Alternatively, please call +(60) 88 326300 ext. 1646 (office), +(60) 13 8862881 and speak to Puan Pauline Unsoud or drop an email to
Question 10
I am interested in applying for a job in Yayasan Sabah Group, whom shall I contact?
Please contact our Human Resource Management Unit at +(60) 88 326300 for job inquiries.
Question 11
I am a university student, how do I apply for student attachment with Yayasan Sabah Group.
You may contact our Enrichment and Compliance Unit +(60) 88 326451 or email to for inquiries.
Question 12
Where can I apply for study loan/scholarship Pin Number?
Pin Number can be obtained from the Education Development Division at +(60) 88 326402 during office hours and all Yayasan Sabah Zone Offices:

  • West Coast North Zone (Kota Marudu) - +(60) 88 662137
  • West Coast South Zone (K.K) - +(60) 88 326300
  • Interior North Zone (Keningau) - +(60) 87 312106
  • Interior South Zone (Beaufort) - +(60) 87 221653
  • East Coast North Zone (Sandakan) - +(60) 89 210580
  • East Coast South Zone (Tawau) - +(60) 89 759805
  • UTC Kota Kinabalu - +(60) 88 251549
Please do so before accessing the PERMOHONAN ONLINE TAJAAN YAYASAN SABAH link from Yayasan Sabah Group corporate website at
Question 13
When is the closing date to apply for higher institutions study loans/scholarships?
The application of loans/scholarships is opened after the SPM/STPM results (March until the end of April).
Question 14
How do I find out the status of my study loan/scholarship application?
Study loan/scholarship application status can be obtained at the Yayasan Sabah Group’s Corporate website, by ways of using your full name (as in your Identification Card), Identification Card Number and Pin Number. Alternately, you can contact the Education Development Division at +(60) 88 326402 during office hours.
Question 15
What are the differences between Kolej Teknikal Yayasan Sabah and University College Sabah Foundation?
Kolej Teknikal Yayasan Sabah ( offers Diplomas, Certificates besides short courses and is managed by KKYS Sdn. Bhd., while University College Sabah Foundation ( offers Bachelor's degree courses as well as Diploma courses and is managed by Uni YS Sdn. Bhd. Both institutions are wholly-owned by Yayasan Sabah Group.
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