The Group's educational programmes supplement and complement the activities of the government in uplifting the quality of education and educational facilities for Sabahans.

The core of the Group's education development programmes is to provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships at the secondary and tertiary level and study loan for tertiary level.

Child Development
The Group is among the pioneer of education development in Sabah and its efforts begin at the preschool level. With the objective to boost children's (1-12 years old) early education growth in Sabah, the Group through its Child Development Division offers preschool programmes through its nurseries, kindergartens and transition classes besides rural preschools. Currently, the Group has 13 preschool centres throughout the State.

Among the activities conducted under these programmes are tuitions for primary schools, school holiday activities as well as support programmes for kindergarten and primary schools.

Since 2000, the Group published children books (words/images) with Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka (in Rumi, Jawi and Arabic translation) and in 2012, a Digital Video Disc (DVD) of collection of children's songs was produced. A guidebook/manual on Setting up a Preschool Centre was also published in 2013 by the Group.
Scholarships and Study Loans
The Group's efforts in education development are not limited to early childhood education. Since 1968, the Group provides education sponsorship that includes scholarships and study loans for secondary and higher education, Hostel Scholarship, Daily Scholarship, Peninsular Secondary School Scholarship and Sabah/Sarawak Students Exchange Programme.

The Group offers secondary education scholarship to needy students who obtained 5As in the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR) to further their studies in selected secondary schools in Peninsular Malaysia.

Under the Sabah/Sarawak Exchange Programme, the Group offers scholarships to students from Sarawak to further their secondary studies at selected boarding schools in Sabah with Yayasan Sarawak offering similar sponsorships to students from Sabah to further their secondary education in Sarawak.

Scholarships and study loans are also offered to students based on their academic achievement in continuing their tertiary education on selected fields of study according to the manpower needs of the State. The Sabah State Scholarship Award of Excellence is offered to students who obtained excellent results in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination. This award is an accolade of their success and to spur other students to achieve excellent results in their SPM examination.
Career and Counselling Programmes
The programmes are organised yearly through seminars, workshops and camps at various selected centres throughout the State. The target groups are students, teachers, parents and members of the public.

Distinguished speakers from related agencies and leading institutions of higher learning are invited to deliver motivational talks, effective communication, decision-making and choosing the right field of studies for target groups.
Since 1972, the Group built hostels in various districts throughout the State for rural students to be able to attend schools in urban areas. With the improvement in infrastructures especially the road system and secondary schools that provide hostels, rural hostels built by the Group were gradually phased out.

In order to provide accommodation for students from Sabah who are pursuing their studies in the Middle East, the Group has acquired buildings which were converted as hostels in Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt for the convenience of the students studying in the country.

Sabah Foundation Technical College (KTYS)
With its mission to provide lifelong learning, is on the fast track to become a centre of academic and vocational training in the state. Among others, the objectives of KTYS are to offer industry-related courses; to provide educational opportunities to students in rural areas; to develop competent students as well as to produce skilled human resources in line with the requirements of the state.

Towards this end, smart partnerships are built with relevant industry players, educational and training institutions. On the development of human capital, KTYS is working closely with the government to equip its students with the necessary skills in meeting the job market's requirements.

As such, KTYS has taken a new approach in education by adopting a Competency-Based Training approach by providing the students trainings and placing them in the job market. The objectives are to produce more K-workers as well as to meet the demands of the industry.

Certificate programmes offered under the Malaysian Skills Development Programmes, among others are Business and Finance, Automotive Technology, Building Construction, Welding Technology, Pastry and Culinary, Electrical Technician, and Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning.

The Academic Diploma Programmes offered are Automotive Technology, Building Construction Technology, Business Management, Electrical Technology, Management Technology (Collaboration with UTM), Management Technology (Accounting) (Collaboration with UTM), Property Management (Collaboration with UTM), Computer Science (Information Technology) (Collaboration with UTM), Syariah Finance (Collaboration with KUIM) and Islamic Studies with Human Resources Development (Collaboration with KUIM). In conjunction with the collaboration between Sabah Foundation and University Malaysia Pahang (UMP), KTYS also offers the Foundation in Science programme.

All academic diploma programmes conducted at KTYS are approved and accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA), and the vocational skills programme are run under the approval of the Department of Skills Development.

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University College Sabah Foundation
As Sabah moves towards becoming a developed state, education has become a priority for many parents and students. The genesis of University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF) adds to the success of the Group in expanding its role in education. Branded as a "Green University", UCSF advocates that future generations must rely on a firm understanding of the interconnected issues facing us today and uses it as guidance towards sustainability.

UCSF offers academic and training programmes pertinent to the economy of Sabah and Malaysia. A total of 19 programmes are offered under its four distinctive faculties: Faculty of Management and Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Arts and Creative Media, Faculty of Natural Science and Sustainability, and Faculty of Development and Multicultural Studies.

Education at UCSF is exciting, relevant and contemporary. Students are provided with life-long learning skills of the 21st century, as they learn how to source and decipher information, engage as altruistic global citizen, be equipped with cross-disciplinary knowledge and finally develop into versatile professionals of tomorrow.

UCSF's approach to teaching is contemporary, incorporating blended learning and new forms of experiential models to cater to the technology savvy youth of today. Workshops and trainings are held, involving institutional and industrial partners as well as professional associates of UCSF.

Strategically located at Sembulan and in the heart of Kota Kinabalu, UCSF offers a modern conducive campus environment with well-equipped study facilities, and a hostel located just beside the main campus.

UCSF aspires to become a boutique institution of higher learning that offers study and research programmes focusing on biodiversity, environment and conservation.

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