Corporate Logo

Shaped in the form of a hexagon, the logo embodies an enlarged dot visually supported by two parallel curves on both sides. The design in brown projects the overall objectives of Sabah Foundation as well as that of the government to improve the quality of life of the people in Sabah, particularly in the education and social aspects.

Stylised human figure


The focal point resembles a stylised human figure representing the people of Sabah while the white area surrounding the dot is symbolic of a mortar-board to reflect the importance Sabah Foundation places on education.


The top part of the logo also represents an arrowhead to reflect the Sabah Foundation's desire and capability to make rapid progress in its endeavours.

Hexagonal border

The hexagonal border demonstrates the multifaceted of Sabah Foundation's role in the development of Sabah.
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Contact Us

+(60) 88 326300
+(60) 88 326424
Menara Tun Mustapha
Yayasan Sabah Headquarters Complex
Likas Bay
P. O. Box 11623
88817 Kota Kinabalu