Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Name: Zulkhairi bin Haji Ismail

Based on, a directive from the Chief Secretary to the Government dated 22 March 2000 stated that "Public Sector agencies are required to nominate a Chief Information Officer (CIO) among top management".

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
A CIO is an executive officer in an organisation responsible for the management, implementation and usability of information technology and computer systems. The CIO role is becoming necessary in every department or organisation with technological advances that reshapes the industry globally. CIO analyses how various technologies benefits an organisation and improves existing processes and then integrates those systems to realise an organisation's vision, mission and goals.

The roles and responsibilities of the CIO are as follows:
  • Implements the use of ICT policies, standards and best practices
  • Adopts and implements the use of ICT in Organisational Delivery Systems
  • Implements innovation through ICT applications, infrastructure and security
  • Ensures ICT security requirements are implemented and enforced
  • Coordinates and manages training plans and ICT security awareness programmes such as announcements as well as risk management and auditing
  • Responsible for matters related to ICT security
  • Oversee relationships with vendors, contractors and service providers
  • To brief the Top Management and Heads of Division in explaining the benefits and risks of ICT-related projects
Creating a CIO is an organisation's commitment to ensuring that all ICT development activities are coordinated and integrated. The CIO at the organisational level plays a leading role in planning, implementing and monitoring ICT-based programmes/activities, making it easier for customers in dealing with an organisation.
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