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YSG Bioscape Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as YSG Biotech Sdn. Bhd.) originally started as the Plant Biotechnology Laboratory (PBL), a collaborative project between Yayasan Sabah Group and the Forestry Division of the Centre of International Cooperation for Agronomic Research for Development (also known as CIRAD-Forêt) in 1992. The main activities undertaken at that time were wholly research-oriented with the objectives of developing in-vitro protocols for the propagation of selected genotypes of Teak, a high value timber species and three species of fast-growing Acacias for the pulp and paper industries.

Following more than a decade of research on selection, propagation and field-testing, the PBL began operating as a fully-commercial production facility for Teak and Acacia hybrids in 2002. Since then, the superior performance of our high quality planting materials has prompted appreciable exportation across the globe to buyer countries such as Australia, Indonesia, Africa and countries in Central and South America without the burden of any phytosanitary constraints.

In May 2008, YSG Bioscape Sdn. Bhd. was accredited with BioNexus status from the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation, under the purview of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. The trademark 'Top Teak', a brand name designated for the company superior teak materials, is now a registered trademark both in Australia and Malaysia.

Today, YSG Bioscape Sdn. Bhd. is positioned as one of the top supplier in the world of tissue cultured plants of superior quality clonal teak for the plantation industry. The company now owns one of the largest and richest teak germplasm in the world. Its laboratory currently has a maximum production potential of up to two million plants per year. The company is an exemplary of the evolution from a pilot R&D project to a successful commercial subsidiary, having endured the highs and lows of being a pioneering business.

For diversification purpose and in order to sustain its operation, YSG Bioscape Sdn. Bhd. is now engaging in activities concerned with the development of in-vitro protocols for economically-importanst cash crops, tree species and different varieties of orchids. Further, the company also provides consultancy services in laboratory set-up, training for employees from other companies in lab manipulations, as well as offering practical training to students as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort.

Beginning of 2017, YSG Bioscape Sdn. Bhd. and its sister subsidiary, YSG Landscape Services are consolidated as one entity under the same name as the former due to similar activities involving plants. The landscaping activities involve the provision of services as well as sales and rental of potted plants, plant decorations for functions and consultancy for landscaping projects. A new Showcase Nursery located at the vicinity of the Voluntary Association Complex in Likas is expected to be in operation by second quarter of 2017. The nursery is designed to showcase a Herbs and Therapy garden, Cactus garden Recycle garden, Fruit garden and an Orchid garden among others. This nursery will not only be outlet for the sale of plants and garden supplies but also serves as a venue recreational and social events.

YSG Bioscape Sdn. Bhd. will maintain its competitive edge by providing top quality planting materials while at the same time, diversifies to the production of other commercial cash crops based on current market trends.


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